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Welcome! dry_ice is a community for (St.) John/Bobby (Pyro/Iceman of the X-Men canon, be it comics, cartoons or movies) slash. For the fandomly-impaired, this translates into hot, sweaty manlove. Other pairings are okay, but only if the focus of the story is a romantic relationship between John and Bobby. Gen works are also welcome, again as long as John and/or Bobby is the focus of the story.

Fanfiction and fanart are not all we accept. For all you graphics-minded people, we love icons, wallpapers, photomanips, you name it! Healthy, polite discussion of the pairing or a character in general, updates on movie info, sharing recent photos of the actors or scans from the comics... All of the above are heartily enjoyed.


1. At all times, be polite. Expressing an opinion and offering criticism is one thing; personal attacks or things like "this story blows" are another animal entirely, and will land you with a warning, and later banishment from the community.

2. Just to reiterate, all fiction, art, etc. must be centered around either the John/Bobby pairing, or either boy separately. Other pairings (even threesomes, yum!) are allowed, but only when the centerpiece of the story is still the relationship between the two. There are plenty of other forums for all kinds of different pairings.

3. We do not want off-topic posts. Introduce yourself if you have something else to share; posts made for the sheer sake of introduction are not allowed. We want to be friendly, but we also don't want to clutter anyone's friends page with a thousand "Hi, I'm so-and-so, and I looooooooove Pyro and Iceman!" Please cater all posts to this fandom and pairing in particular.

4. Have fun! This is what fandom is for, right? :)


Please use the following guidelines for posting fiction and art.

SUBJECT LINE: The title of your work.

TITLE: This should be self-explanatory.

AUTHOR/ARTIST: This is you.

RATING: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17. Please, please rate your fiction/art. If you're not sure, rate it higher. Someone looking for fluffy bunny-love does not want to be surprised by raunchy smut, and vice versa.

PAIRING: Should be John/Bobby, or gen, but please warn for other pairings or threesomes (foursomes, etc.) Some people aren't big fans of other people mixed in or on the side or, God forbid, stealing the boys from each other.

SUMMARY and/or WARNINGS: Feel free to summarize your fic/art here, or offer up a teaser. If you have anything dark, scary, angsty, or anything else you feel is worth warning about, please take the time to do so.

NOTES: Here's where you thank your betas, thank your friends, dedicate your story, explain your process or inspiration... the list goes on.

LJ CUT! Please put all art and/or fiction behind an LJ-cut tag. If you do not know how to do that, read the FAQ here. Again, we do not want to clutter anyone's friends page, and we don't want anyone accidentally seeing or reading something they don't want to. LJ cuts would also be nice if you've made a lot of icons or are posting a lot of photos. One is okay, without the cut, but any more than that should be cut for everyone's sake.


All challenges that Dry Ice has issued are listed below:

  • Birthday Challenge: For the site and community's first birthday, of course! We dedicated a week to writing
    about one of the boys' birthdays.

  • June 2004: The "bleeding!St.John" challenge, based on the mods' (and apparently the community's) shared
    kink. Bonus points were offered if the author/artist could make Bobby cause it and/or if St. John smoked with
    a bloody lip.

  • July 2004 (through August 16): The Awkward First Time challenge. It doesn't matter what kind of first time it is,
    just that the boy's share it and that it's awkward as hell.

  • August 2004: The Limerick challenge! Dirty, silly, spazzy limericks about our favorite boys, because it's time for some silliness, rather than All That Angst! :)





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